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Lev Alexandrovich Russov (1926-1987) did not begin his study of art until the December 1941 siege of Leningrad when he was forced to flee the city. Upon his return in 1945, he studied at the Tavricheskaya Art School, and graduated in 1947. Russov’s paintings from the period of the 1950-80 were his highest artistic peak and constitute the most valuable part of his diverse artistic heritage. They are distinguished by extraordinary expressive images and daring compositional decisions. Russov possesses a rare ability to catch the fleeting state of nature quickly. Russov's work includes expressive forms of portraiture with depth and psychological complexity. Many of the best landscape paintings were done in the Pavshino village on the Oredezh river near Leningrad, where he settled in the late 1950s with a group of young artists.


Tavricheskaya Art School

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