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Grigory Leontievich Chainikov

Belated Cow

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1992 Style: Russian Impressionism Medium: Oil Oil on Canvas Size: 27¾'' x 35½' Frame: unframed Shipping: Shipping included within the continental United States

Chainikov is a keeper of the traditions of the Russian realistic painting school. But it would be incorrect and unfair to reduce the whole creative activity of Chainikov to some stable conceptions and several conclusive resumes. His creative activity can be compared with a large river with its slow flow absorbing many tiny brooks and other small rivers. Flowing together with the main channel of realistic principles, they are dissolved in the general stream, enriching it. This process cannot be stopped and it is endless. It is too early to make any conclusions. Chainikov is sure to create a lot of new and interesting masterpieces worth our attention.

Chainikov is a wonderful master of the landscape art. He reveals himself as a master of individual talent with his motives and his own style of painting the nature. He likes the motifs connected with forests, he is also attracted by edges of woods, meadows, surrounded by trees, bands of paths and forest roads, leading one's gaze away inside a painting

The great Russian poet A. Block said, "I devote all my life to the Russian theme and I do it knowingly and finally. The same may be said of the great young Russian artist Grigoriy Chainikov. I am grateful to Chainikov who has kept faithful to himself, to his native land and to the art of his tradition. In a world full of the temptation of 'modern' art, he has been a 'keeper of the traditions' of the Russian realistic school of painting. He has opened to us, his Russia. This is not the Russia of the capital or of holidays, but the real one with its endless open spaces, villages and good-hearted people. Their life is not easy, they have sorrows, grief and joys, but more often than not, they have a lot of hardship and misery. Still, they are not broken and they live the Russian way, with open hearts and souls."