Collection: Rockwell Kent

Referred to as the modern Ulysses, Rockwell Kent was an intrepid traveler, prolific artist and a brave activist. As an artist Kent found inspiration in the austerity and stark beauty of the wilderness. He studied under a number of influential painters and theorists of his day, including William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri. Kent's first one-man show in 1907 at Clausen Galleries in New York met with wide critical acclaim, establishing a foundation for his lasting reputation as an early American modernist. Today, Kent's work can be seen in museums across the United States. Kent gave his life's work, a collection of several hundred paintings, drawings and prints to the Soviet Union.

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United States

New York School of Art

Awards: Numerous
Collectors: Worldwide

Commissions: Not Accepted
Trustpilot Score: 5 Star