Artemisia Gentileschi | Late Career

In 1630, Artemisia moved to Naples, where she established herself as a successful painter, receiving commissions from prominent patrons. Artemisia’s time in Naples also saw her establish connections with the royal families of Europe. In 1638, she was invited to London by Charles I, who appointed her as the court painter, making her the first woman to hold such a position.


Anna Bilińska

A remarkable Polish painter who broke the boundaries of traditional art in the late 19th century.


    Modernism: Some Left-Out Narratives

    Theosophical lodges across Europe facilitated collaborations between intellectuals, all of whom were reaching out to new ways of seeing and experiencing the world around them.


    Rosa Bonheur

    Bonheur paintings and sculptures of animals brought her fame and fortune. Her work was sought after by royal and celebrities.

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    The Seasons in Art and Writing

    The passage of seasons resonates deeply within the human soul. Artists have sought throughout the centuries to give expression to seasons.

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