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German Tatarinov


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(1971) Style: Russian Impressionism Medium: Oil Size: 20" x 27.5" Frame: unframed Shipping: Price includes export fees and express delivery. Customer to pay import fees in according of domestic law.
Musings on Art® is a direct importer of Soviet Realism, Russian Impressionism, and the Leningrad School of Painting. German Alexeevich Tatarinov was born on September 26, 1925, in Old Crosses Village in the Yaroslavl Province, in Russia, to a peasant family. In 1942, Tatarinov was drafted into the Red Army. In 1961 he was discharged from military service and went to work as an artist in a Leningrad department of Art Fund of the Russian Federation. Since 1967 Tatarinov has exhibited his landscapes, still lives, and genre compositions. German Tatarinov was primarily a landscape painter. His color palette was restrained, based on the relationship of green and ocher tones. His composition and style gravitated toward plain air painting and a full-scale panoramic view. He became a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists in 1972. In 2000 Tatarinov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. He died in St. Petersburg in 2006. Paintings by Tatarinov are in art museums and private collections in Russia, France, the USA, Finland, Germany, England, Japan, and throughout the world.